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Questions from Subscribers:



When and where do I pick up my orders?

Orders are delivered every Monday from 12 PM-1 PM to a convenient and central Mt. Shasta City location. The exact location of the pick-up place will be provided by email to subscribers.

How many emails will I receive each week?

The number of emails received each week will vary depending on how many farmers have products available in that particular week. You could receive as few as none and as many as 10-12 in one week. Each email will contain a subject line with the farm name and date of pick up, for example “Homeward Bounty: 11/13”  to make it easy to scan your inbox.

How do I place an order?

If after reading a farmer’s email you want to order items, simply follow the farmer’s directions for how to contact them directly. Most farmers prefer email. A few may direct you to their websites. All orders are placed directly with the farmer, not through the Harvest Connections List Manager.

What farms offer products through Harvest Connection?

See our list of Participating Producers. More farmers and artisan food producers are being added regularly.

Can you consolidate all the farmer emails into one?

After careful consideration, it was determined best not to consolidate all farmer emails into one long email. One reason is because the length of such an email might discourage subscribers from reading. Research shows that we take in information better in short segments. Another reason is that a consolidated email would require farmers to submit their weekly offerings by a deadline early enough to allow for editing, and this is not always practical for farmers.

When do farmers need to receive my order for Monday’s delivery?

That will depend on the farmer. In their email, the farmer will indicate the deadline for orders prior to the next delivery date. Some farmers may cut off ordering a couple of days before delivery, while others may take orders up until hours before delivery.

Is there a minimum order amount required? 

Some farmers may have an order minimum, and others not. Check the individual farmer emails for specifics on ordering requirements.

How do I pay for my order?

Again, this will depend on each farmer’s preference and will be indicated in their email. Many farmers ask for Cash on Delivery. Customers pre-order, the farmer harvests, prepares and delivers, and the customer pays when they pick up. Some farmers take cash only, and others will accept a check. Still others accept payment through their websites.

What if I place an order but then am unable (or forget) to pick it up?

When a farmer has harvested, prepared, and delivered an order only to find that their customer did not show up, this results in financial loss. If you place an order and realize you will not be able to make it to the pick up time, please do your very best to communicate that to your farmer before they prepare your order. If that is not possible, consider paying them for your unclaimed order anyway to save them the financial loss.

We don’t anticipate this being a recurring problem because Harvest Connection is designed for customers who are highly commited to accessing local food year round. However, if a customer develops a habit of being a no-show, farmers may simply decline to take their orders, and may request to have them removed from the email list.


Are the products listed for sale on the Harvest Connection emails organic?

Harvest Connection makes no claims about any of the growing practices of our participating farmers. Please contact your farmer directly to find out about their certifications and practices.


Questions From Farmers:

How soon after my email is submitted should I expect it to be distributed to the Harvest Connection list?

The server checks for new emails every 30 minutes, so your email should be distributed within an hour of submitting it.

Do I have to send an email every week?

Definitely not. Farmers may send an email when they have products and no email when they don’t.

How is the $25 per year Farmer Fee used?

The Farmer Fee is used to compensate the Farmer Liaison for their administrative time.

What happens if a customer does not show up to collect their order?

With a pre-order COD model, some degree of no-shows is inevitable. That said, too many no-shows will be a deal breaker. We suggest that farmers do a couple of things if a customer orders and then fails to pick up. First, make sure to communicate to them that this negatively effects your business. Request that they pay for their order, even though they did not collect it, because as per their request, you harvested, prepared, and delivered it. This is an important part of the farmer-to-customer education process that is essential if we are to develop functional local food systems.

If a customer becomes a habitual no-show, you may choose not to take their orders. You may also bring it to the attention of the List Manager and request that they be removed from the Harvest Connection email list.

What if I don’t receive enough orders to warrant my delivery time to the pick up location? 

Farmers are welcome to set minimum order requirements for delivery and may communicate with customers to cancel orders if not met. Farmers may also charge for delivery. Keep in mind that it often takes time for customers to become familiar with a farmer and their products. Sometimes delivering products and introducing yourself to customers, even if you have minimal pre-orders, can result in increased pre-orders in the future.

May I bring non-preordered products to the pick-up location? 

Harvest Connection does not have a vendor permit from the City of Mt. Shasta. Participation in Harvest Connection is therefore limited to dropping off pre-ordered items. Speculative vending to the public is prohibited in the city without the proper permits.

Is the pick up location indoors or under cover? 

The location is out-of-doors and will allow you to work directly out of your vehicle. You may want to bring a table. If there is precipitation, a pop-up may be helpful. In the event of severe weather or heavy snow the pick-up time will be canceled or rescheduled.



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